Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Elves and Winter Birds

Well, Halloween is over so you know what that means! The girls are running around the store like busy Christmas elves working on the stores transformation. Right now.... it looks like a hurricane swept through West Coast Gardens! Here are some 'Before' pictures... wait til you see what we do with this place!

Boxes and boxes and boxes of new decorations:

  Everything is being cleared out to make room for the trees:

We do all of our design in house. We have some very talented staff members who are helping set up the store. There is Minna, who I'll snag a photo of at some point! And here are Sandy and Debbie working hard as usual:

One of my favorite things we get in at this time of year are the 'Christmas Birds'. We have quite a few new selections this year and they are sooooo cute!!! Can't decide which ones to use in my wreaths, on the Christmas tree and around the house.

Tomorrow we will be unpacking some of our new ornament selections for this Christmas.

See you then!