Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New goodies in store

 For a limited time we have these beautiful succulent wreaths in store

The succulent wreath is a fascinating, living decoration. For decorations, you can use candles in the center, a hurricane lamp filled with decorative pieces, or a big bow. Place the wreath on a platter or hang it on a door or wall. Decorated or on its own the succulent wreath really stands out in home decor.

The care for this wreath is simple. Water only when the moss base is completely dry. You can water by sprinkling, spraying or immersing in water. Allow the wreath plenty of light, natural is preferred, but not direct sunlight. The light will allow the natural colours of the succulents to be enhanced! As the wreath grows you may want to trim it with garden clippers in order to keep the desired shape.

In other exciting news we will be carrying fresh cut flowers from time to time at very reasonable prices in store! Look for the display in our outdoor retail section. Right now we have gerberas, tulips and more in a range of gorgeous colours.

Don't forget if you aren't the creative type or if you need a great gift fast we have spectacular 'gardens to go' starting at $19.99. Check out some of the planters we have in store currently. These are just two examples but we have planters in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

Come visit us and let all the colours of spring time cheer you up!