Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Preparing for Spring

So everything is a whirlwind of activity around the greenhouses and garden center. Half of the garden center staff members are busy planting all of our moss baskets as well as the fiber, cedar and plastic baskets.

Pauline, Minna and Lorraine hard at work

Birg from the greenhouses joined us for planting this year and is  a big help.

It is so exciting when we start to see the first small signs of spring in our baskets

Many people don't realize that we grow the majority of our bedding plants on site in our greenhouse facilities. 

The geranium house is filling up. Right now it is all green but will be bursting with amazing colours in only a couple months.

Here is Linda, one of our lovely greenhouse employees, planting begonias for the store. 

Our buyer Sandy, with help from the garden center staff, has picked out an amazing selection of decor for the home and garden. This year she has really mixed things up and it is looking great. I think our long time customers will be so excited to see all the new items in store. Here is just a small sample of what we are setting up for our re-opening.

Gracie setting up her plant stands and pottery

 Wind chimes

Beautiful colours to compliment the beach :)

Love these cute French candle holders

There is so much to look at in the store right now but I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Looking forward to seeing everyone when the store opens Monday March 5th!