Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Days of Spring

Things are in full swing at the greenhouses and garden center. Our first big jobs of the season are almost complete. The geraniums have been rooted and shipped off and we are very close to having all our spring baskets planted and hanging up. Now everyone is busy planting bedding plants into four inch pots for sale in the garden center. It's very fun seeing all the small 'plugs' in the greenhouse and we are getting so excited for full blown SPRING! Here are a few coleus varieties that have come in for planting. 

As for what is ready now we have a beautiful new introduction for early spring - Sennettis are brand new  to the plant world and are unmatched for early spring colour. They can stand the cooler temperatures and are best planted in containers. We have this vividly coloured light purple and white flower as well as a very deep blue and they are both gorgeous. 

We also have a very fresh shipment of 4'' perennials as well as trees and shrubs including a beautiful assortment of rhodos and azaleas which I will hopefully have a chance to photograph soon. 

4'' Perennials $3.49 each or 3 for $9.99

$11.99 shrubs are 3 for $29.99!

And of course my favourite early spring plant - Ranunculus come in many shapes, sizes and colours. They are a joy after the grey days of winter :)

Our amazing design team has been planting beautiful 'to go' containers. Starting at $19.99 and up we make gardening so easy!! Just grab a planted container for instant colour at your front door.

Do you need an Easter gift? We have brought in a lot of fun stuff for the occasion!

This cute lunch bags are a great gift for the kiddies.

Grace shows off these cute hats. 

If you haven't seen the garden center yet this season I really suggest coming in early to get the best pick on our new decor. Our buyer Sandy has really out done herself this year and the store is looking amazing!!  Check out some photos of our garden decor

Love these sweet birdies for outside.
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