Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Combining Annuals

All of our annuals are grown on site in our greenhouse facilities. This allows us to provide our customers with an amazing selection. Growing our own annuals also allows us to ensure top quality. 
Our customers always comment on how they often come to the garden center just to be inspired and get ideas for how to combine annuals in their gardens.

xxl dahlias - purple heart - geraniums - illumination begonia - brachycome

Calla lily - gerberas - dahlias - begonias - oxalis - lysmachia - euphorbia - sedum - croton 
persian sheild

Colocasia tea cup center

We have the largest selection of coleus you will find in the lower mainland and a coleus container is super easy maintenance.

banana plant center - geraniums - xxl dahlias - oxalis - phantom petunias - wild spike

geraniums - petunias - fancy leaf geraniums - bacopa - calibrachoa - diascia - rieger begonias 

Begonia House

One of our Geranium houses - Geraniums are our second biggest crop with Coleus being the first