Tuesday, September 4, 2012

West Coast Gardens opens for Fall!

Welcome back everyone! We are so excited to be open again to the public for the 2012 Fall/Winter season. 

We have a lot of gorgeous fall material in stock to dress up your home. Colourful indoor tropicals and indoor hanging baskets, indoor and outdoor fall themed planters, lots of wonderful bedding plants that we have grown here in our greenhouses and fresh nursery stock outside from all the best local growers. Here are just a couple photos I snapped this morning while running around getting things ready for the opening!! I will have some more photos for you soon, or better yet, come visit us and see what is new!

Our fall hours are Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm

Check out this perfectly shaped garden mum! 
Our crop turned out so beautifully this year and on top of that we have the most amazing price - 
this week only Jason has put the 6'' mums on for $3.99ea!

A pretty indoor planter

We have a selection of fall giftware and home decor available now. Our customers have been asking us for many years to have the Christmas decor available earlier. This year we are starting to bring it up right away for all you early bird shoppers so watch for Christmas decor arriving soon in store. 

Of course we have a large selection of pansies in all the fall colours. 

I had to share this picture of a planter we made in Spring! Look at that Ipomea! 

We are receiving fresh deliveries of nursery stock all week! Talk to Jean, Shirley or Gale for all your tree, shrub and perennial questions :)

Having bulk bulbs allows us to offer really good prices. Right now we have King Alfred Daffodils and lots of Tulips available in bulk as well as a wide variety of packaged bulbs.

Want to freshen up the air quality in your home? All of our 8'' Tropical hanging baskets are a steal at $9.99 - this includes our beautiful boston ferns! The photo below is of a plant called 'Baby Tears' - yes, a funny name I know!

We hope to see you in store soon!
-West Coast Gardens Staff