Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ever wonder how we plant such gorgeous planters? See how our designers do it...

Container Gardening is becoming the next biggest thing in the
gardening world. You can have the perfect planter to pop in those empty spaces in your yard or on your patio, and add some beautiful colour and texture. You'd be surprised to hear that you, on top of using annuals in your planters, you can also use perennials, vines and even herbs and vegetables!

At West Coast Gardens, we are extremely proud of our container gardening program, and our custom planting program (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION).  We have some of the most creative and talented designers around, who are constantly designing beautiful containers for you!  Our talented designers use our top quality products straight from our greenhouse, to create those perfectly suited planters.  

If you have ever had questions, or wondered how we do it, check out the video below where one of our talented designers, Minna, shows you how its done.  Shes got some great tips and tricks you help you out! (turn up your volume though as it is quiet-something we will work on for future videos:))

It took no time at all for Minna to create this amazing container garden...

We will leave you with this little tip to send you out into your gardens....


With all the recent interest in growing food plants, gardeners are looking for all kinds of places in which to grow them. Previously, we would divide our garden into the veg/fruit garden and the flower garden. Now, people are discovering that it can all blend together.

That is out of necessity because gardens are becoming smaller, and also because we love the ornamental qualities of food plants. Why not have a blueberry shrub in your flower border? It has white flowers in spring, yummy berries in summer, lovely fall colour, and red stems to admire in winter.

Swiss chard or the feathery bronze fennel or dill plants make great centrepieces for containers which can be surrounded by flowering annuals. The new strawberry, Toscana, has lipstick pink flowers producing sweet berries and would look terrific surrounding geraniums in a sunny pot.

So just keep in mind that the combination of plants needs similar growing requirements, and then blend away!

Enjoy your weekend, and we hope to see you soon in the garden center!

-West Coast Gardens