Friday, July 4, 2014

End of the Summer Season is drawing near-this is the time to shop!

Well the end of the season is drawing near, and this is the time to shop! We have A LOT of sales going on to get your patio and garden looking fabulous for all your summer barbecues and get togethers. With 50% off container gardens one more couldn't hurt right? Check out our latest e-newsletter to see whats going on in store...and just remember this is just a little taste of our sales....there is much more to see in store!

Definitely take note that we will be closing on JULY 12th at 6PM....But have no fear...we re-open on September 2 at 9AM....

We wanted to leave you with some thoughts on privacy screens for the summer. As you relax on your patio, are you on display to the entire neighbourhood? Or is the next door house looming over your garden? As our cities become denser, the need for privacy becomes greater.

Having a living screen made of plants not only fills that need but is also ornamental and can be tasty if made of edible plants. Here are some ideas to help you create a perfect amount of privacy for your yard:

- Vines are invaluable - just pick your favourite flower colour and consider the growing conditions, e.g., honeysuckle for sun or climbing hydrangea for shade

- An all green screen of bamboo or tall shrubs such as privet is restful to the eye

- Climbing beans and peas are tasty and decorative

- A living wall is both a work of art and creates privacy

- Large hanging baskets hung at different levels can be either full of flowers or be mainly foliage.

Which plants you use depends on if you wish to have greenery all year round or just in the warm months. Ask us for advice on what will grow in your specific conditions and the supports that these plants will need. Soon you will have your own private oasis away from the rest of the world.

We thank you so much for taking the time to read and enjoy our blogs, and we thank you so much for your patronage this season! We are lucky to have such great and loyal customers... Thank you again and we hope you have a fabulous summer!

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