Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring is approaching fast....And we have LOTS to share with you

Who was able to get outside in the garden this past weekend, with the beautiful sun shining? Hasn't it been such an amazing past few weeks, and its definitely warm enough to get a start on those fresh pansies and primulas in your garden for a pop of colour!  This weather is making us here at the garden center get so excited for the upcoming months and sharing the amazing things we have coming up this spring!  (Stay tuned for more...)

And oh boy, you should see the moss basket progress!  They are coming along so nicely..the ladies have been working extremely hard to get them all planted up for your beautiful spring/summer patios.  If you haven't ordered yours yet, be sure to give us a call, as we are selling out of the popular varieties already!!

In the store we are receiving shipment of new, fresh home decor and gift ware daily!  We have 'Peepers Reading Glasses' now in stock, perfect designer reading glasses to suit anyone's needs.  

We just received a shipment of fresh Outdoor rugs.  These are ALWAYS a popular item for us and sell out very fast, so if you want a good selection to choose from, come check it out.  We also got a shipment of now, witty signs perfect for any personality or any occasion.  They start at only $15.00, and have been selling like hot cakes!

In the Nursery Stock Section we now have over 40 varieties of Hellebore's now available!  One of them, which we have choosing to feature because it is new and has very stunning showy leaves and blooms---Helleborus Penny's Pink.  The leaves emerge silvery green and pink, topped with deep pink blooms.  They appear in late winter into spring for a long show of colour in your garden when there is not much else happening there. Can be in the shade or part shade, and the leaves are evergreen for year round interest.  Excellent in either a container or garden bed.  Easy care!  Height 6-10", spread 24", Zone 5, limited quantity available.

Some other new items we have some beautiful perennial primulas and some new spectacular varieties of long blooming wallflowers (erysimum) to complement your spring bulbs and containers.  We are expecting lots of orders to be arriving weekly in the nursery stock section, so be sure to keep checking back for new and beautiful varieties we will be carrying this year!

We wanted to take the time to introduce you to one of our Staff.  This is something we want to be doing so that you get a chance to get to know us and what we do here at West Coast Gardens.  First off is Kim!  Kim is our Veggie Gardening Guru....If you have any questions on vegetable gardening, Kim is the one to find.  She has extensive knowledge and experience with the edibles section and is eager for the spring to come to help you grow/learn to grow your own veggie containers or gardens.  

We'd also like you to meet Kim's loyal and adorable sidekick...Georgia.  Georgia had a few words she would like to say you all of you!

"My name is Georgia.  I am an 8 year old Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier cross.  I belong to Kim, who works in the veggie department at West Coast Gardens.  She also helps to make the beautiful moss baskets.  I love to go to Kim’s work as I always get treats from the nice cashier ladies.  If you have any vegetable gardening questions come and talk to Kim.  She also likes to talk about me."

We like to leave you with a quick tip gardening tip on as many blogs as we can...If you ever have a question or something you may think would be a good topic for a gardening tip, please send an email to  We want to help you become the best gardener you can be and we would love feedback and questions from our loyal and amazing customers!

We will leave you with this gardening tip (AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN STORE SOON:))...


Early spring is a great time to move a shrub or tree, as they are just coming out of dormancy but not yet actively growing.  Take the opportunity to prune branches at this time to make the plant more shapely or eliminate crossing branches.  Dig out as much of the root ball as possible.  It won't be possible to get all of the roots but that's OK.  

Choose a site that is not water logged and has good drainage.  Prepare the new site by mixing in some compost or Sea Soil and plant the shrub/tree so that it is at the same level as before.  Firm the soil around it and water it in.  Because you pruned some of the branches already, there should be minimal dieback as the root system adjusts to supporting a lesser amount of branches.  If you have not pruned any branches, then there will likely be some dieback as the root system tries to support all of the branches on fewer roots.  

In the first year after re-planting, water well as the plant establishes itself in the new site.  Gardens are a fluid, constantly changing composition, and that's the joy of gardening - seeing how plants grow and figuring out how to combine them together beautifully.

~West Coast Gardens~