Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get excited for Spring!

So although it has been quite rainy and gray the baskets got a nice shot of sun on Saturday and boy can we see the difference!! Hopefully more sunshine will come to really bring on the colour.

We have more 'mixes' then ever in our plastic, cedar and fiber baskets this year.  I hope you enjoy the following pictures of all the sights around the greenhouses. Did you know that we grow all our annuals and hanging baskets on site in our greenhouses behind the garden center? That means we can provide the best in quality for you! Don't forget to check out our previous blog post explaining how to know when to plant your annuals... right now, it is still too early!!

This Cedar basket is so full of plants it almost looks like a moss basket! I can't believe how big they are this year.
When we said our baskets would be more vibrant this year, we meant it! Take a look at this beautiful Lascar Hot Rose Verbena in one of our cedar baskets.
Aloha Pink Calibrachoa
Gorgeous new geranium 'Ruby Sizzle' by Red Fox
Colorcade Liliac Ivy Geranium opening up
MiniFamous Tangarine
MiniFamous Light Pink with Eye