Monday, May 16, 2011

Custom Planters

Here at West Coast Gardens we are lucky to have the most innovative container gardeners around! Minna, Deb, Yvonne and Joyce make our planters for sale in the store as well as the custom planters which are ordered by customers. At the beginning of April we begin to take orders. Customers can bring in their own containers and we will plant them for you in the 'West Coast' style.

When planting for the store or for custom planters the girls look through all the plants in the garden center and cherry pick the best of the best. Here's Deb picking out some begonias.

Jason Vandermey, our garden center manager, is passionate about annuals!! There is always something new for the girls to get excited about.
Regal Geranium

Yellow Voltage Osteo

'Day' Gazania

'Summertime' Osteo
If you have ever been to one of our demonstrations you will recognize Minna! She is our go to instructor for the planter demonstrations.

Cute mini planters!

Over the last two years we have been building our herb and veggie program. We grew a huge variety of herbs this year and the girls have been turning out amazing veggie and herb containers. Perfect for avoiding the back breaking work of harvesting by bringing the garden up or for those in apartments and small spaces.

I am loving these cedar boxes. We have them for sale empty so you can create your own as well!


Hope you enjoyed this visit with our planting station! Next week when it warms up we will be posting some pictures of all the amazing varieties of coleus.