Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hanging Baskets and more

Looking to brighten things up around your home? The hanging baskets around the garden center are looking so amazing I had to share some photos. We did so many different mixes this year there is truly a color combo for every garden.

A West Coast Special Sun/Shade Plastic basket. You can't even see the pot anymore it is already so full! At $29.99 this is great bang for your buck.  
 Million Bell Baskets are great as they don't require deadheading. All the beauty of a petunia without all the work! 

This mix is my personal favorite and is called 'Cool Breeze'.

Beautiful bright colours

A soft spring mix

Double Calibrachoas are stunning with their rose like buds!
Our cedar baskets are so full and bursting with colour. This is a 'Sunny Victorian' mix good for full sun. $44.99

Foliage baskets are always a conversation piece and don't require any deadheading. Good for full to part sun. We have these planted in fiber, cedar, and flower bags!
Besides the moss, our fiber baskets have the most plants per basket. Here is a beautiful West Coast Special Mix good for Sun/Shade. $55.99 
We hope to see you in store soon picking out your perfect basket!