Thursday, June 16, 2011


We have been busy getting the last of the moss baskets out the door.  Now that the dust is settling a bit, here are the promised coleus photos :) These were taken in our store at the beginning of this week so the majority of these beauties are still available but what you see in the store is the last of our coleus for the season! Don't miss out. Coleus can be planted in containers, hanging baskets, borders and garden beds. They look great with geraniums, begonias and much more or can be planted all together. There are no flowers to maintain and the leaves provide gorgeous colour and interest all season! Good for full to part sun. Plant in well drained soil. Enjoy the photos! Don't forget to send us your photos this summer for our 'brag board'! We want to see what you have done in the garden with your plants from West Coast! Send photos to TOMORROW LOOK FOR PHOTOS OF COLEUS PLANTED UP IN CONTAINERS!

Amazing leave shape and a multitude of colours

Versa Lime - Simple but such a gorgeus bright lime to contrast with darker leaves on your flowering plants

This purple compliments the lime tone so beautifully - this one is called 'Dark Star'
Tilt A Whirl   

'Ruffles Cooper'

Splish Splash


Red head