Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chase away those winter blues...

Welcome back West Coast Gardeners!

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! If you haven’t already, pop in the store and take a look at our new layout. you'll be sure to like it!

Needing to chase away those winter blues?  Simply and quickly add a pop of colour to your garden with our gorgeous Primulas, Pansies and Ranunculus, available in an array of colours.  Seeds have also arrived!  With spring just around the corner,  it’s time to turn over a new leaf and get your garden growing! 

What’s hot this Spring in our decor and garden pots department?  Where do we start?  We have fantastic outdoor cushions, some with coordinating table runners, napkins, throws, etc.  Some of the beautiful outdoor prints have arrived with many more expected.  It’s so easy to make your outdoor space as gorgeous as your indoor space.

Outdoor rugs should be arriving soon and this year we will have coordinating poufs , which has already proven to be an extremely hot item.  You will be able to use the poufs as extra seating or rest your tired feet.  Whether your look is calm and serene or bright and colourful, we will have something for you.

Do your feet a favour!! “Soul Comfort” insoles have arrived and are absolutely amazing!!  They are made from 100% sheep’s wool and hemp.  We carry two different styles, one for uniform work shoes and fitted boots, and the other for gumboots and most work boots.  We have sizes for men and women. The great thing is no sheep were hurt in the process!  
This year we carry two new lines of greeting cards, Cartolina and Sabine Berg.  Both lines are gorgeous and made in B.C. on recycled paper.  Cartolina is sold at the British Museum, the Met in NYC, Designers Guild London, to name a few.

For anyone looking for indoor pottery, we now have a great selection of Scheurich pots from Germany.  They come in beautiful coordinating colours.

A very popular item is anything fairy or miniature.  We have a nice selection for you to create your very own tiny garden.  Once you get started, it’s hard to stop! We also have a Kids club class coming up where your kids can come and dream up their very own whimsical fairy garden.  We have a lot planned coming up, including Ladies’ Night on April 30th, hands on workshopsKids’ Club events and more. Check our events schedule below for more information (April and may to come soon):

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And now here are a few words from our Garden Center Manager, Jason Vandermey:

Hey folks.  The truth about GMO’s Genetically Modified Organisms.  There seems to be a lot of confusion out there of what GMO’s really means to gardeners. One of the most frequent questions that we get regarding seeds and vegetable starts is, are they GMO?  Well the truth is that NONE of them are.  No GMO seed products are sold in seed packs to gardeners anywhere.  Where GMO seeds are used are the large commercial field- crops operations growing large amounts of canola and corn.    
All species really are genetically modified in the sense that they have evolved overtime and also by the help of humans.  The sweet corn that you can grow today is not even close to is ancient corn grown in the time of the Egyptians.  Over years people have been trying to make corn sweeter, stronger and better quality overall.  That goes for the lettuce, carrots, beans, and peas and all that you grow in your garden.

If a package says GMO free remember that it is just fancy marketing from a company tricking you to think that there seeds are better than other brands.   


 It’s going to be another great season!  Thank you for shopping at West Coast Gardens!