Thursday, April 24, 2014

inspirations for your garden

The busy season for us is almost here, but busy for us is exciting-It means there is a lot of great variety, options and colour to make your garden and house stunning this spring/summer.  If you haven't had a chance, you should come in store and see for yourself! 

One brand new thing is we have a new website!!  We have re-done our website to make it more user friendly and informative for our customers.  We are extremely excited about this and hope that you enjoy it.  You should definitely check it out, especially the IN SEASON page (found under products)-its our Instagram feed of current products and events going on at West Coast Gardens. Check out our fresh, new site HERE

Today we wanted to give you a few ideas of products we currently have that are great additions to your garden:

Peonies-these popular and spectacular plants produce outrageously beautiful blooms perfect for an instant impact, with lush foliage all summer long!  As well they have been known to thrive for many many years.  As long as these are planted appropriately and have had a chance to establish themselves, they will require little maintenance.  We carry some varieties such as Misaka.  Don't miss our on these stunning specimens!

Did your lavender not make it through our Feb. cold spells?  Well better come on in as we offer a great selection of lavenders, including one of our favourites, Sawyer, with bright silvery leaves.  This hardy, non invasive perennial suits everyones garden!  These are prefect because they are beautiful both when they are blooming and when they are not blooming. And the best part...Once you have planted your lavender you can enjoy its fragrance and flavour for a long time!

An excellent choice for your garden is one of the most popular perennials, hostas.  Some of the ones we carry include the 2014 Hosta of the Year, Abiqua Drinking Gourd, a hosta with unusual blue-green cup shaped leaves.  These brilliant perennials work well as border plants, ground covers, container plants and more.  be sure to come in and check out our selection as these are a popular product!

Check out the garden center as on a daily basis we have beautiful, show stopping container gardens coming into the store.  Our amazing and talented designers never cease to amaze us with the beauty they create. 

See the photos below for just a taste of the container gardens and decor we have in store currently.

Some great things we have coming up are:

-Ladies night-Wed. April 30 @ 6-8PM.  We are 90% sold out of this so if you haven't bought your ticket, call us soon!  We have limited space.  Tickets are $10 will partial proceeds going to Servants Anonymous Society.  Check out our site for more info under events

-Family Day-  This is something new and exciting we are have this year.  On May 31, we will have a variety of things going on.  This is a FREE FAMILY EVENT from 10AM-2PM.   We have more details to come shortly, but for now we have Pony rides for the kids (age 4-10), a large inflatable slide, face painting, special in store buys and MUCH MORE.  Your really don't want to miss out on this event, and don't forget you DON'T need tickets, so get your family together and come out to West Coast Gardens. Check out our site for more info under events.

Here is a quick tip from Jean, one of our brilliant and talented perennial and shrub gurus!  

Gardening Tip:  When choosing a shrub or perennial, look closely at the very base of the plant.  By noticing how the stems emerge from the soil, one can predict the future shape of the plant.  For instance,  when examining a shrub, if several stems emerge roughly equidistant to each other and growth is quite even, then the future shape of the shrub will likely be quite symmetrical.  If there is one strong stem and one weak one, it may become asymmetrical and it is is up to you to decide if it is a pleasing interesting shape or not.  Other people like to purchase a shrub with one strong main stem that they can train into a small tree shape, or because there will be room to underplant with other smaller colourful plants.  So by all means admire the leaves and flowers but notice the structure supporting them too.

We are excited to see you this year, so don't wait, come in store now to visit!

West Coast Gardens