Friday, May 9, 2014

Make it an extra special mother's day

May madness is underway here with Mother's day coming up this weekend, and may long weekend the following weekend. 

With all the planning and celebrating around Mother’s Day, have you ever wondered how this holiday began? Well here is a little information for you: In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia, whom she had lost 2 years earlier. Her mother was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.  Anna missed her mother deeply, so started campaigning by writing letters to ministers, businessmen and congressmen to make Mothers Day a holiday. With each letter she wrote, she sent a white carnation. In May of 1914, President Wilson decided he agreed with her, and that mothers should be officially celebrated. 

We love to celebrate all the moms in town at West Coast.  To do that We have a lot of great specials and deals going on so stop by if you haven't bought your mom something nice yet!  All our home decor is on for 20% off as well as great sales on our beautiful premium 12" baskets and cedar baskets!  One other exciting addition this Saturday for Mother's day is:

Here are a few ideas for you that we have in store, or just got in:

Raymond Evison clematis - Large blooms on specially bred compact clematis for containers and small gardens.  A variety of colours from double white, pink, purple to red available.  Raymond Evison is an internationally famous breeder of clematis from Britain, winner of multiple Chelsea Garden Show awards.

Lilac time! - Fragrant and showy, lilacs come in different sizes at maturity and are suitable for containers.  Compact ones include Bloomerang, a rebloomer, and regular size ones include Ludwig Spaeth, a dark purple and very fragrant variety.

Need a privacy screen?  We offer many options and styles at West Coast.  Living screens can include bamboo, narrow shrubs or vines.  Decorative screens can be metal, wicker or wood and these are all available here.

Check out these photos below for whats going on in store right now! Its so beautiful and full of colour here, definitely worth checking us out.

One quick thing, we have a GREAT FREE event coming up soon, Family day!

Heres a gardening tip before you head out to enjoy the sunshine:

When shopping for plants for your outdoor containers, don't forget to stop at the houseplant section.  Many plants that are usually in this section can make showy additions that add a different note to your creations.  For instance, the ordinary spider plant, when added to a combination of flowering annuals, look spectacular with its strong green and white stripes.  Most houseplants do great outdoors in summer and then as winter approaches, just bring indoors to become welcome greenery for the winter ahead.

We hope to see you this weekend, otherwise HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

West Coast Gardens