Friday, May 30, 2014

This Weekend at West Coast Gardens...

FAMILY DAY IS TOMORROW!  We are all filled with anticipation for this event as it is the first time we have ever had a family day.  We have a little bit of an addition, between 10-11 we will have a FIRETRUCK here.  We have a local fire hall bringing their truck down to the Garden Center to join in on the fun.  Other things going on that day...Other than super duper great deals and a beautiful atmosphere, there will be a great art show with local artists, free pony rides, a grooming station, face painting, a large inflatable slide, a hot dog stand (at a low and affordable cost).  So don't miss out....

 In other news...a fresh shipment of flowering perennials arrived this week--some gorgeous blue salvias, heuchera Snow Angel and lovely fresh new ferns.  We also have a great selection left of clematis and other items in the perennial, trees and shrubs area.

For the rest of this weeks blog we wanted to show you some of the great planters, home decor and hanging baskets we have still available in store but first a quick gardening tip to follow the rain we had this week....



After the last rainfall, are your plants leaning dangerously forward and about to do a face plant?  They are letting you know that they are needing some kind of support.  Some plants that usually need this are peonies, delphiniums, aconitums (monkshood), some of the taller heleniums etc.  

Some shrubs also may need support such as the Annabelle hydrangeas with their big poofy balls of white blossoms. Personally, for shrubs that need staking, I would rather replace them with the newer compact varieties such as hydrangea Little Lime that do not need support.

For supporting perennials, there are lots of different methods from peony rings to good old bamboo poles.  The trick is to not wait too long before doing this, otherwise you are wrestling with a mass of greenery that will end up looking like an untidy bag of laundry!

Now for whats going on at West Coast Gardens this week....

Fairy gardens are the new thing...We have a selection of items so you too 
can create your very own whimsical fairy garden oasis!  
Check out how unique and just simply CUTE these fairy gardens are 
we have available to purchase already created!

Beautiful Potunia baskets NOW ONLY 2 for $40 (regular $30 each).  
These will be sure to add a great pop of colour to your house, and at such a great price!

This is a new basket for us this year, the double take geranium basket, found in pink, white and red.  Easy maintenance, and sure to be bright all summer long!

Been looking for that perfect pot?  Well here is your chance...
All our empty garden pots are now on for 20% off the original price! 

Great container patio trees

The perfect containers for your patio and yard can be found here. We have a large and absolutely stunning variety of container gardens sure to suit your needs.


These are amazing.....I'm sure you have heard of whopper begonias, but did you know that they are edible?  Perfect addition to add a little pop of colours and taste to your summer salads and drinks!  Try it out if you don't believe us:)


We still have a great selection of baskets still available ranging from 12" Plastic, to cedar baskets to fiber baskets!  They are looking absolutely stunning, so come by to get yours this weekend!

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at our 1st annual family day!

-West Coast Gardens