Friday, May 23, 2014

What are those little packets on my basket?

We were so happy to see a lot of you this past weekend at the garden center. Although it was a little crazy busy, it was a great day with beautiful weather and great customers! Even though the weather has taken a turn this morning, we are looking forward to this weekend. We have a ton of great sales in store some of them being 20% off all home decor, 2 cedar baskets for $75 (regular $45 each), 2" Bacopa 5 for $5 and much much more.

Many of our customers have asked what those little packets are on your basket or container that you purchased at West Coast Gardens?  They look like this...

NOTE: They are not fertilizer, so don't sprinkle it on your basket:) If you did already, it won't harm your baskets! 

 At West Coast we are proud to be stewards of the environment! We use biological pest control 95% of the time versus the conventional pesticides. We use BioBest, which is a leading authority in biological pollination and pest control with more than 25 years of experience. Essentially what those packets are are predator bugs which are used to fight the harmful bugs to your plants! In our greenhouse we use beneficial bugs as much as possible unless forced to due to the BioBest bugs are not working, or the pest pressure is simply too much for the beneficial bugs to handle. This is such an exciting program for us!

You can be sure you are getting great quality, not only because of the care and biological control we use, but because we take it straight from our very own greenhouse. From the growers bench, to the garden center, to your very own home. We take great care of our plants, and are proud of the quality we have to offer our customers.

If you haven't heard already Family Day is just around the corner. This is going to be an amazing FREE event from 10AM-2PM. We are going to have a hot dog stand, a huge inflatable slide, pony rides for the kids, face painting, a great art show in store with local artists, and some great in store specials. If your looking for something to do and need to get your summer garden ready, you should bring your kids, bring your grand kids, bring your nieces and nephews and head over to West Coast Gardens! This is going to be a great event!

Our Moss basket program and custom planting program are in full swing. We have released 90% of the moss baskets and they are looking fabulous. We are so excited to be able to release them as they are such a beautiful basket that we grow for months in advance. We pre-order these baskets and actually still have some available to buy in store, so if you are interested come on in and ask our staff to to point you towards the moss baskets! These are some of the varieties we have available-better hurry though, because these are hot ticket items and may disappear!

Calibrachoa Double Mix
Full Sun


West Coast Special (full sun)
12" & 14" Available

Calibrachoa Cabaret Mix 
Full Sun

Memory Lane
Full Sun

Our custom planting program is also one of our more popular programs. We have some of the most talented designers available to create your perfect container garden. It's as simple as bring your EMPTY, CLEAN pot to us, and we will help customize your design sure to suit your individual space, lighting situation, etc. Come in and speak to our wonderful staff to place your order or get more information. Check out some the beautiful product our designers created-so much more where these came from too!

Before we let you sit go enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to the sound of trickling rain, check out these 3 top tips to make your garden look fantastic from one of our gardening gurus Jean:

1) Weeding: removing weeds in spring before they flower and set seed is critical to weed control. If you do this every spring, gradually your weed population will lessen I promise.

2) Top dressing: Adding a layer of compost, Sea Soil, or weed-free top soil will simultaneously feed your plants, suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil - and it looks terrific!

3) Edging: Define the edges of your garden beds with an edger so that there is a noticeable 'trench' between the grass turf and the edge of the garden bed. Visually, this will enhance your garden bed like a picture frame setting off a painting.

So don't try to do all this in one weekend. Remember that gardening is meant to be fun, so go at your own pace, listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh air of spring.

Have a great weekend and we hope that you come for a visit!

West Coast Gardnes